Ufilta Water Filter

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Short Description

UFILTA is a specially designed mobile water purifier manufactured in Malaysia by it uses our specially designed UFILTA UF membrane which is ultra filtration technology that provides a verifiable barrier against viruses, suspende solids, bacteria ( i.e. enterovirus, e coli, giardia, cryptosporidum) and pathogens.


FROST TAP FILTA- Portable Drinking Unit
UFILTA is a special designed non chemical, portable drinking water from Munical -
Faucet Tap Water, using our ultra Filtration Technology for the Domestic household
& Home Applications. Our UFILTA is specially designed for the kitchen and can be
mounted to any standard tap connection ( Universal adapter ) with long life back wash
system and ( Self Maintainable ) easy fill up drinking water bottles instead of buying
& carrying bottled water.
* Works Without Electricity
* Actually Removes The Germs From The Water
* Can purity even cloudy turbid muddy water
* Better than boiled water
* No Need of annual maintenance contract
* Long Lasting
* Fail Safe
* Filters even eggs of germs
* As good as raw purifier